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Lead Abatement

Highland, CA Demolition Services

Established 2019.

JP & SONS, INC. Lead Abatement

The removal of Lead Based Paint is an incredibly intricate and precise process that JP & Sons has mastered over the years. 

Not only is Lead Abatement demanding in terms of attention to detail and safety, the EPA outlines specific guidelines which contractors must follow in order to ensure best practices.

At JP & Sons, we take an immense amount of pride in following the EPAs best practices as well as ensuring that safety and efficiency is first on all job sites.

Commercial Lead Abatement

On many Commercial Construction Projects, Lead Abatement services can stand in the way. Let JP & Sons help you with your abatement needs!

Residential Lead Abatement

When making modifications to existing residential structures, many homeowners find old lead-painted components such as stairs and doors!

Specialized Lead Abatement

Need Lead Abatement services for a unique or specialized project? Let JP & Sons help you out with all your needs and execute the job perfectly.

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At JP & Sons Inc., we’re happy to answer any and all questions. Whether you’re looking for an exterior teardown quote or have some simple questions regarding a pool removal, please do not hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to hear from you.

Featured Lead Abatement Projects