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Garage Demolition Chino Hills, CA

JP & Sons Inc.

Garage Demolition Services In Chino Hills, CA

If you’re looking for garage demolition services near Chino Hills, CA, we are here to provide free estimates and an array of demolition and removal solutions. When it comes to garage demolition services, JP & Sons are local professionals with decades of experience. We understand that picking a garage demolition contractor can be overwhelming and we encourage you to reach out with any questions. We’re happy to help!

Our Chino Hills, CA garage demolition service provides clients with a true white-glove treatment. From start to finish, JP & Sons handles all aspects of the garage demolition service and ensures that you are thrilled with the final product. We inspect, estimate, demolish, and remove all debris, creating the perfect clean slate for your next project.

Our Garage Demolition & Removal Process for Chino Hills, CA ↓

JP & Sons Inc. garage demolition services involve the destruction and removal of attached or detached garages. We remove both residential and commercial garages. Whether it is steel construction or a traditional wooden frame, we are equipped to remove all garages in and around Chino Hills, CA. We also provide concrete slab destruction and removal. 

Types of garage structures that we work with:

-Single Garages

-Double Garages

-Tandem Garages

-Attached Garages

-Detached Garages

-Breezeway Garages

-Concrete Garages

-Wooden Garages

-Steel Garages

-Metal Garages

-Commercial Parking Garages

-Automotive Garages

-Apartment Garages

-And More…!

Why hire JP & Sons to demolish and remove your garage in Chino Hills, CA? When it comes to old, decrepit, unsafe, or undesirable structures on your property, removing them can often increase property value. Along with increasing property value, demolishing an old garage can allow homeowners to utilize the space in new ways. Looking to build a new garage? Possibly build an addition to the home? All of the above and more are possible with JP & Sons garage demolition service in Chino Hills, CA.

What is our garage demolition process?

1- In-Person Site Visit & Estimate. JP & Sons want to make sure we propose the most accurate and honest estimate possible. In order to do this, we will come by your property and perform an in-person site visit. We will examine the structure and determine the most effective methods to dismantle and remove your unwanted Garage.


2- Acquire The Required Permits For The Client. In order to begin the project, we must first acquire the necessary permits. JP & Sons is proud to offer a white glove service. We gather all the necessary permits for you, that way you can simply sit back and relax while the professionals get the job done


3- Disconnect Necessary Utilities. Once all the permits are in place, we will disconnect all necessary utilities from the property. Whether that be water, gas, electricity, or any other form of utility, we are licensed and qualified to perform the services or will utilize the proper professional agencies. We want to make sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible – and disconnecting the utilities is an extremely important step in the process.


4- Remove Roof, Walls, Trim, Siding, & More. Now that all of the utilities are disconnected, we will begin dismantling the property with the proper equipment. Depending on the size of the project, JP & Sons will utilize various pieces of equipment such as Excavators, Skid-Steers, Front-End loaders, and other heavy equipment. We utilize these pieces of equipment to make precise, yet quick work of your demolition project. As we remove the roof, walls, and more, we’ll be sure to keep a tidy and safe working environment.


5- Dismantle Framing And Structural Components. Dismantling the framing and structural components is an essential part of the demolition process. JP & Sons are equipped to dismantle and remove all structural components and materials, whether that be steel, asphalt, cement, or other tough materials.


6- Gather & Removal All Debris From The Property. The garage has been dismantled and all that is left is debris! JP & Sons will professionally gather and remove all debris from the property. We aim to leave a pristine canvas, with no trace of your former structure.


7- Final Touches And Cleanup. Once all the debris has been removed and hauled away, we will spend some time ensuring that your property is pristine. Often this involves covering and spreading the area with fill in order to provide a blank canvas for your next project. We’re known for our incredible finishing touches and cannot wait to show our clients their completed projects. The options are endless at this point – whether that be building an addition, a new garage, or simply enjoying the open space!

We’re thrilled to offer garage demolition services in Chino Hills, CA. If you have any questions about our process outlined above or want to inquire about a garage demolition project, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please utilize our contact form below or simply give us a call at (909) 205-0232!

House Demolition
Garage Demolition
Deck Demolition
Yard Demolition
Concrete Demolition
Fence Demolition
Shed Demolition

& more Demolition Services!

Local Experience Matters

As with any Garage Demolition project, local experience is incredibly important. JP & Sons Inc. prides itself in having a vast network of experienced and high-quality contractors. Whether you’re looking to enhance your project beyond our traditional skillset or additional expert advice is required, we’re proud to have deep ties within Chino Hills, CA and the demolition community.

Why Hire JP & Sons Inc?

JP & Sons Inc. was founded upon honesty, integrity, and grit. We make sure that the work is completed to the highest quality possible and that maximum transparency is communicated with the client at all times. To put it simply, we love what we do and we bring that same enthusiasm to each and every project, no matter the scale. When you’re looking for Chino Hills, CA contractors, look no further than JP & Sons.

Give us a shout!

At JP & Sons Inc., we’re happy to answer any and all questions. Whether you’re looking for a garage teardown quote or have some simple questions regarding pool removal, please do not hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to hear from you.